completely new experience in meeting new friends

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have you ever met someone and no mean of contacting him ?

with our app

it is possible to find other lurkers within the range of 100 meters


lurk uses Bluetooth Low Energy which makes sure your battery lasts as long as possible.


you can search for users even if the app is minimized and your phone is locked. That allows you to browse all users you have met restrospectively.


app allows to search for only male or only female users. You can change that in settings.


you can use our built in stealth mode, which makes sure that you won’t be seen by other users while still allowing you to see people around you.


if you find a user you like, feel free to use our built in chat. It has never been easier.

about us

we are just bunch of people interested in modern technologies :)

Adam Zikmund

Adam Zikmund

iOS developer
badminton player

Jan Homola

Jan Homola

Android developer
workout lover

Michal Polák

Michal Polák

snorkeling lover

Dominik Javorek

Dominik Javorek

english guru
at night is an Invoker


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